Gift Card Rewards is a simple task that runs anytime order is placed on your online store. It checks if orders total (accumulated during one campaign or one-time order total) is higher than threshold and awards customer with free gift card code that can be later redeemed on your's store checkout page. Gift card is sent to the email provided when placing order.

To setup you would follow 3 simple steps.

Step 1

First you need to decide on campaign name.

Campaign name is required. You might want to limit of free gift card customers can get to 1 per campaign. In future, when you decide to create another campaign, free gift cards received by your customers during last campaigns wouldn't count toward the customer limit.

Campaign name is not visible to your customers.

You can run only one campaign at a time.

Step 2

Set threshold required for awarding free gift card. Only after order totals exceed this threshold customer would qualify for free gift card. This total includes shipping codes and taxes.

Task can either check total for single order or sum up orders total starting from provided date.

Single order mode

In this mode, when single order total exceeds configured threshold - gift card is awarded to customer.

Accumulated orders total mode

Total accumulates during one campaign for all customer's orders.

If your selected From field to be 1st September 2022, your minimal required spend is $100 and client placed following orders:

  • Order #1001 for total: $50 USD on 5th September 2022

  • Order #1002 for total $75 USD on 6th September 2022

Only after second order is placed gift card would be sent to the customer.

Step 3

Decide on free gift card value. As soon as customer meets the total orders value requirement, the gift card of this value would be emailed to the customer.

Here you can also limit the number of gift cards customer is allowed to get. If decide to reward max 3 gift cards and your threshold is $100 it means that anytime orders total exceeds $100, $200 and $300 customer would get one gift card (total of 3 gift cards).


Before you make your campaign available to all customers you might want to test it first.

You can enable test mode at very bottom of the page:

With this option turned on your campaign would be limited to only one customer. You can provide customer email in Test email address field. It is recommended to run it first with test mode on. You can add your email address and place few orders to check if everything is working as you expected.

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