Import from file

If you have number of existing gift cards (with or without a code) and you need to easily import it to Shopify - this task would help you a lot.

By including your gift cards in our template file (simple or extended) you will be able to automatically create all your gift cards.

There is only one required column: initial_value. Additionally you can including following columns:

  • email or customer_id - this would assign new gift card to a customer from your store.

  • code - by including code column you are able to create a gift card with your custom code. Only alphanumeric values are accepted. Length of the code must be between 8 and 20 characters.

  • expires_on - the expiry date of the gift card in format: YYYY-MM-DD. Important: setting expiry date to be 2030-12-31 means that gift card becomes invalid exactly at 00:00 on 2030-12-31. Last day when customer can use it is 2030-12-30

  • note - this is for internal purposes only and it is not visible for the customer.

  • message - only applicable if you select app emails as gift card email template. This column can hold personalized message sent to receiver.

Do you want to know how the gift card or gift card email looks like? Please refer to our FAQ section for details.

Source file

The easiest way is to populate our template files with your data. However you can also use your files as long as you follow few rules:

  • file format - csv is accepted format. It means your columns need to be separated with a comma ( , ). (It has been reported to us few times that some countries like Germany use semicolon in csv files as separator. You can always confirm that by opening your file with plain text editor and checking what character separates columns)

  • column names - those needs to be exactly like specified above

  • values format - only limitations are: dates in YYYY-MM-DD format and code length must be alphanumeric and 8-20 characters long.

Assigning (and sending email) to customer

If you want to assign gift card to customer you need to either include customer_id or email column in your source file.

When including email column it might happen that this email address does not exists yet in your store. In such case you have two options:

Skipping gift cards means that the gift card is simply not created. Second option creates customer first (with the email from source file) and later assigns customer to the gift card.

Assigning customer to the gift card automatically triggers an email to the customer!

Accessing created gift card codes

Important: there is only one option to see gift card codes - you need to send CSV file with results of import to your email address.

Unless your source file contains code column. In such case you have access to codes already.

To send email with gift cards you need to select this option:

And specify your email address. After import is done you are going to receive an email with csv file in attachments that would contain data of all the gift cards imported.

We recommend specifying multiple emails separated with comma like this:,, . This is just in case any of the emails bounces back.

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