Bulk send

With this task you can easily send gift card emails to the list of email addresses. Comma separated list of addresses can be provided in Recipients field. Instead of email addresses you can also provide customer ids.

All customers from your list would get gift card of the same value, expiry date and custom message. Gift card code would be unique for every customer.

You can select between 3 different options when it comes to gift card email:

  • Default Shopify - this is standard email that gets sent anytime gift card is purchased. You can edit it in Settings -> Notifications -> Gift card created email

  • App Email - app in-built email. You can either use default Gift Card - Created email template or duplicate it and create your own template. Only this option support custom message when sending gift card to recipients

  • Both - Default Shopify and App Email is sent. Both emails contain the same gift card code. Use this option if you want to be 100% sure email is delivered.

Optionally you can opt in for email confirmation email that would be delivered to your internal email address. This confirmation email contains data of all generated gift cards (including gift card codes).

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