You can use Gift Card Factory to send automatic email reminders to anyone who has purchased (or used) gift card in your store and still has available balance.

App can send either in-built Gift Card Reminder email or send a metric to customer Klaviyo profile. Although it is perfectly fine to use app emails, we recommend using Klaviyo to send reminders for at least few reasons:

  • You can easily add and edit email template for Gift Card Reminder. No coding knowledge is needed. All can be implemented using platform drag and drop interface

  • Your store's email designs stay consistent. Any customer that would receive Gift Card Reminder email would see your branding. This builds trust and encourage customers to go to your store.

  • You can decide on wording, add any message you need as well as link to your store

  • Klaviyo stores customer contact preferences. If customer with available gift card balance does opted out from any notifications - Gift Card Reminder email wouldn't be sent.

You can find detailed instruction for Klaviyo here.

You use different marketing platform? No worries! We are happy to add new options. Just let us now by sending an email to

General configuration

To send a reminder about unused balance, app would first look for any gift cards created in your store that still have available balance. App can run in one of two different modes.


  • one-time run - iterating over gift cards created in selected period, or gift cards with given expiry date (One time run)

  • scheduled run - running every n hours, talking gift cards created m days ago, or m days before expiry (Schedule)

Which one you need? If you wish to send reminders only once to all customers -> select One time run and wide date range. If you would like the app to send Gift Card Reminders automatically every day -> select Schedule.

The task can be configured in 3 simple steps

Step 1

Here you can select your marketing platform provider. Currently app supports 2 providers: Klaviyo and Mailchimp. Some configuration on your marketing dashboard is required to setup emails. You can find here instruction for Klaviyo and Mailchimp.

If you require any assistance with marketing platform configuration - don't hesitate to contact us!

Step 2

In step 2 you can decide how often the task would run. You can select between two different modes:

  • One time run

  • Scheduled run

One time run

If you selected this option, in the next input fields you can decide what date range you need. Any gift card created in this date range is potential trigger for Gift Card Reminder (assuming it still has available balance).

Instead of selecting date range in which gift cards were created - you can select gift card expiry date. For example selecting 21/12/2022 would send reminders for any gift card with this expiry date.


With schedule runs, app will start processing gift cards automatically on selected schedule. Lets assume following

  • You need reminders to be sent daily at 3pm

  • You need reminders to be sent for gift cards created 60 days ago

  • Send reminder only if available balance is $20 or more

With above settings you make sure that as soon as gift card is 60 days old, and still has available balance -> a gift card reminder is sent to customer at 3pm. The app is going to trigger this process every day. So even if someone purchases gift card today and in 60 days still have available balance, app is going to send a reminder to the customer.

For above settings you would use following configuration in the app:

Another example could be:

  • You need reminders to be sent daily at 3pm

  • Send for any gift cards that expires in 30 days

  • Only if gift card has at least $10 balance left

To handle this case you would specify following settings in the app:

Step 3

The customer who purchased the gift card is not always the same who actually used it to pay for the order (purchaser might have given it to someone). This is why you can decide in the last step, who would actually receive the reminder.

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