Klaviyo configuration

Gift Card Factory uses Klaviyo Track & Identify API to trigger targeted flows.

App sends an event via HTTP call anytime it wants to send Gift Card Reminder to your customer. Klaviyo receives it and triggers a Flow that sends an email to the customer.

Public API Key

First you need to find your Klaviyo API Key. In your Klaviyo dashboard, click on your brand name in top right corner, select Account next select Settings and later API Keys.

Your key is just under Public API Key header.

App setup

By this moment you should have completed all steps from general configuration

Navigate back to app and in Gift Card Reminder tab you are going to see this box:

Put your Public API Key just under Klaviyo token label. Now you are ready to send first test Gift Card Reminder event to Klaviyo. This is not going to send any emails yet. We just need to register event in Klaviyo so we can create Flow that would respond to this event in next step. Put an email address you have access to under Test event receiver and hit send. Now navigate back to Klaviyo and find contact with test event email. You should see one new activity registered for that contact:

Klaviyo Flow

Last step is to configure Klaviyo flow that will respond to above event by sending an email to your customer.

In Klaviyo dashboard go to Flows (left hand side panel) and click on Create Flow. On the next screen click Create From Scratch and give a name for your flow (e.g. Gift Card Reminder Flow). Click Create Flow and you should see this screen:

First lets create a trigger by selecting Metric from left panel. In the dropdown list look for Gift Card Balance Reminder. Select it.

Next lets create Action. In our case it will be Email action. Drag and drop it just under the trigger.

Now after clicking on this action you can select template and configure content of the email. After you are done with configuring content hit Save & Exit. Your new flow will be in draft state. You need to activate it before you can start using it.

After this your configuration is complete. You can go back to the app and hit Schedule (or Run) button.

Now after you configured the flow and and set it as active you can test it by hitting Send button from screenshot below again:

This time you should actually get the email. You can see how it is going to look like when sent to your actual customers.

Also in Klaviyo flows there is option to filter emails based on email address. You might want to add conditional split like on the screenshot below to make sure you send emails only to test emails set. If all works well you can remove this conditional split and send to all.

Using variables in your email templates (optional)

Event that is sent to Klaviyo contains few variables that can be later used in emails sent to customers. This variables are:

  • last4 - last 4 characters of gift card code

  • balance - available balance on customer's gift card

  • currency - currency of gift card balance

  • expires_on - expiry date of the gift card

  • email - customer's email

You can use those variables in Klaviyo email template editor by using syntax: {{ event.variable_name }}. So to output available balance in the email you would type: {{ event.balance }}

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