First you need to complete 2 simple steps. Open the app and click on Configure gift card product to get started.

Step 1

On the first step you need to select your current gift card (Shopify Gift Card). App is going to create exact copy of your current gift card product. We call this copied product App Gift Card.

It might happen that at this stage you didn't have your Shopify Gift Card configured on your online store. In such scenario, in Shopify Backend go to Products -> Gift cards and click on Add gift card product to create it.

Now you may come back to the app and continue your setup.

After your App Gift Card created you should see this:

Your App Gift Card product is now created and published on your store, however it does not include additional input fields for scheduled delivery.

If someones buys this gift card - standard Shopify Gift Card is going to be sent to customer.

If you are using Shopify POS, please make sure you read this.

Step 2

In this step we are going to add additional fields for scheduling gift card delivery to your App Gift Card product page.

First you need to select theme were you intent to install our App Block.

You might want to first install it on any preview that is currently not live. Later you might open customiser on your live theme and add the same block there as well. After selecting theme click on Add theme snippet. Now you are going to be redirected to your theme Customizer. On the left side you should be able to add a new App Block:

App blocks are only supported by Store 2.0 Shopfiy Themes. Not seeing option to add App Block in your Theme Customizer? Send us an email and we will configure it for you.

After adding this block you should see it at very bottom of your product blocks. If you want can move it up and place it just above Add to cart button. In App Block settings you can customize number of options such as: field appearance, labels, placeholders etc.

To add an app block you don't need to do it through our app. You might as well go to Sales Channels -> Online Store -> Themes -> select theme were you want to install it -> Customize -> search for app gift card product

After this step you can click on Complete setup button.

Congratulations! Now your customers can schedule gift cards delivery for their friends.

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