1. I can't see option to add app block in the Customizer. Some themes might not support app blocks. In this case you need to edit some code to add app blocks to section. We can happily do it for you - just let us know by sending us an email.

  2. How do I know Gift Card Email was delivered? You can check status of any gift card email in app dashboard (click on See all gift card emails button). From there you can also resend the email. We also recommend adding your as BCC to all gift card emails. You can do it in app settings.

  3. I can't see additional fields on gift card product page After you complete the setup, your store would have 2 gift cards configured Shopify Gift Card (old) and App Gift Card (new). They look exactly the same on the frontend. Additional fields are added only to App Gift Card product page. Your standard Shopify Gift Card won't have these fields. Make sure you are on App Gift Card page. To avoid confusion, we recommend to unpublish Shopify Gift Card from Online Store.

  4. I uninstalled the app. Is there anything else I need to do? As the app does not have access to your store anymore, it can't deliver scheduled gift cards. You should make sure all customers that scheduled gift cards with our app get their gift cards emailed on provieded date. Also you should delete App Gift Card from your store.

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