Gift Card Factory

Mailchimp configuration

Gift Card Factory uses Mailchimp Events API to trigger targeted automations.
It simply sends an event to Mailchimp via HTTP call. This way Mailchimp is notified about unused balance on a gift card. In response Mailchimp is going to send an email to the gift card owner.

Creating API token

To send events to Mailchimp - first you need to create API token. You would do it by selecting your account name from bottom left corner in Mailchimp dashboard, next select Account & billing -> Extras -> Create A Key. This should create a key and you should see this table:
Write down your API key. In my above case it is your-api-key (this is going to be different in your case)

Creating Event

To create event select from left panel: Automations -> Customer Journeys -> Create Journey. Give your Customer Journey a name. (e.g Gift Card Reminder Flow) and click Start Building. After that you should see this screen:
After selecting Choose A Starting Point, find API & Integrations in left panel and select Event API. Give your Event a name (e.g. GiftCardReminder) and write it down. Also take note of your list id. In example below it is: fbc08dbb7c and click Save Starting Point.
In the next window select Send email action from left panel and drag & drop it to the editor like here:
You can edit your email content and designs after clicking three dots next to Gets email action.
Click Turn On in top right corner to close your Mailchimp Journey editor and activate it.
This completes Mailchimp setup. By this time you should have:
  • API Key - your-api-key (this will be different in your case)
  • Event Name - GiftCardReminder
  • List ID - fbc08dbb7c
Above values need to be provided in Gift Card Factory app in below window:
On the above screenshot you can see Test event receiver field. This field will help you to see if your configuration works correctly. We would recommend using an email address you have access to. After you put your email in above field and click Send - app is going to send dummy event and your Customer Journey should be activated and you should get an email with Gift Card Reminder content.
Your Test event receiver email must be on your contact list in Mailchimp as Mailchimp can only send emails to the contacts that are already in its database.
If you send multiple test events in short period of time - Mailchimp is going to send only one email anyway. This is inbuilt Mailchimp protection against sending multiple emails that are the same.
If all goes well you should see GiftCardReminder event in your customer activity feed and email should be sent (might take up to 15min).
Optionally you can further modify your flow to respond only to selected email addresses. This might be helpful to test your configuration before you go live with actual Gift Card Reminders. You would do it by modifying Journey by adding If/Else rule and limiting the flow to only some email addresses:

Using variables in your email templates (optional)

Event that is sent to Mailchimp contains few variables that can be later used in emails sent to customers. This variables are:
  • last4 - last 4 characters of gift card code
  • balance - available balance on customer's gift card
  • currency - currency of gift card balance
  • expires_on - expiry date of the gift card
  • email - customer's email
You can use those variables in Mailchimp email template editor by using syntax: *|EVENT:variable_name|*. So to output available balance in the email you would type: *|EVENT:balance|*

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